Long Island Orthopedic Surgeon Provides Open MRI Options To Patients

By Javier Luque

For an individual who is claustrophobic, undergoing a test using a traditional MRI that is like a tube, is a traumatic experience. A Long Island orthopedic surgeon can understand the fear this magnetic resonance testing may cause. For that reason, an open MRI is offered as an option.

Medical imaging done by an MRI can clearly examine internal organs, skeletal structure and soft tissue. Historically, this much information would have required exploratory surgery. Now the inside of a human body can be examined through the use of nuclear magnetic resonance. The cause of pain or discomfort can be identified by using this scan.

This enables the doctor to see the contrast between soft tissues. Images of the brain, the heart and muscles, for example can be seen more clearly than in a computed tomography, CT scan or an X-ray. Until recent innovations made the open MRI available, the tube like version was the only way to complete this all-important scan.

In the open version of the MRI medical machine there is no tube. One side is open and both ends are as well. The dome over the bed is high enough that it does not cause a closed-in feeling. The patient lies flat on the bed and does not experience any claustrophobic fear. He or she can relax in comfort during the scan.

Some safety precautions should be noted. The surgically implanted cochlear implants that bring hearing to the deaf would prevent the individual from undergoing an MRI. The same is true for anyone with a cardiac pacemaker. It could potentially lead to death for that individual.

A main function of the Long Island orthopedic surgeon is helping sports figures recover from on-the-field injuries. A broken bone or torn ligament can be viewed as well as a shoulder dislocation or rotator cuff injury. When the open MRI is used, a family member can stand next to the patient for support while the scan is done. It helps to calm the nervous child or apprehensive senior citizen.

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