Vivid View Of Christian Psychic Reading

By Annabelle Holman

Psychic reading basically refers to the attempts made to try and acquire some information by exercising amplified perceptive abilities, or natural extensions in the human senses of sound, touch, instinct, sight and taste. They consist of clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (vision) and claircognisance (factual knowing) and all the statements that are made during the attempt to exercise these abilities. Does Christian psychic reading exist? Does the bible concur with these abilities?

Astrology is the most widely known form of these kinds of reading. It is a type of foretelling based on the alignment of the sun, the fixed stars and the moon. It has been existent for thousands of years even before the scientific methods used in astral observation came into existence. Aura is the practice of interpreting and observing the field of incandescent and subtle radiation that surrounds an individual or an item. Other practices include lithomancy, numerology, rune reading, tarot reading and pschometry

These practices have been highly condemned by the church and any individual in the church who practiced or tolerated it is highly predestined. Christians have deemed anything that is out of the ordinary to be of a negative effect to the body of an individual. The members of this community who practice these abilities have claimed that their abilities come from God hence the powers and skills they have been given is in the purest form.

There different types of these readers. There are those that see the Gnoist readers as tainted with possession of negative energies. Another group claims that all the other Psychics are Gods children and Jesus his son does not block out the divine dimensionality of God creation. But despite all these, the bible has talked against these abilities and the house of the lord has also condemned highly the practices of soothsayers.

The word has continued to pronounce serious consequences to individuals who have engaged sorcery. Some of the consequences include death by stoning and those who die while practicing these forbidden activities and they will be judged. In Leviticus the Lord says that false prophets are not sent by him and that they speak lies and have a divination that is of no meaning

In Samuel chapter 15 verse 23, it compares rebellion as a sin similar to that of divination and presumption as an iniquity as idolatry, the verse also rejects anyone who practices divination or accepts divination since they also have rejected the Lord. Exodus chapter 22 verses 15 say that anyone who practices sorcery should be put to death.

But if Christian soothsayers are present among as why does the bible and church denounce them so strongly despite them being Christians? There are several cases where they have been expressed as frauds because these individuals are believed to get immense information on someone through ordinary means.

But in some special instances they have been in possession of some vital information that is really difficult to obtain by physical assessment. The church and the bible concur that this are dark forces, hence they are not from God but from Satan. The bible claims Satan is deceitful and pretends to be an angel of God, hence sorcery and anything in its likeness is not acceptable by a huge majority of Christians.

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