Things That Will Happen In Alcohol Rehab Houston Programs

By Annabelle Holman

If one has a drinking problem but would want to stop, he would have to go through a process of detoxification in order to completely stop because doing cold turkey would negatively affect his body. Fortunately for these people, there are a lot of alcohol rehab houston programs that they can join. For those who might have drinking problems, here are some of the things that would take place during this program.

Now probably the hardest part of the program would be the first few weeks because this is the time wherein one would be cleansing his body. During the process, he will probably suffer some withdrawal symptoms because his body is not used to not having alcohol. Now the length of time in which the detoxification would last will depend on how heavy of a drinker the patient is.

Now do take note that while one is in the detoxification process, he will be experience a lot of discomfort and some symptoms of withdrawal. This will happen because the body is trying to adjust to not having alcohol enter it. If one is not such a heavy drinker but still a regular drinker, he will be experiencing mild symptoms like anxiety, shaking, and nausea.

Of course the symptoms that one would have would depend on just how heavy of a drinker one is. Now if one is a really heavy drinker, then he may even get mild seizures, hallucinations, and even blood pressure issues. Of course there are medicines like sedatives that may curb down these symptoms while one is going through cleansing.

Now once the few weeks of detoxification have passed, then his body has already cleansed from the substance. Now the next thing to think of now would be the curing of the mind because being addicted to this substance would also affect the thinking of a person. Of course he will receive therapy after the detox.

Now the therapist will first have to get the patient to accept that he has a drinking problem so that he will be on the road to curing his mind. Surprisingly during this stage, many patients are still in a state of denial when it comes to having a problem. The therapists will have constant sessions with their patients so that they can help their patients tune their minds properly.

Of course along the way, some patients may feel hatred toward themselves or probably even depression. Now if this happens, then medicine would have to be prescribed already because it is dangerous to have strong negative thoughts while undergoing therapy. Having these strong negative thoughts may actually hinder healing.

Once the patient is already getting better, then the therapist will get him to join activities that will take his mind off drinking. He may introduce the patient to sports like football or basketball. He will also still continue to counsel the alcoholic and even let him sit in group sessions so that the healing process will be fast. This will go on until the alcoholic has already been cured and has already gotten his life back on track.

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