Opportunities For Employment As A Child Psychologist And Therapist NYC

By Annabelle Holman

The person with an interest in helping children who need counseling or some kind of special education may pursue a career as a child psychologist. This is a prerequisite to undergoing the many years of education it requires. To fill a position as a child psychologist and therapist NYC is a good place to help them.

The candidate will study development of the years between birth and age eighteen. All factors are observed from genetics to sexual development. Gender roles, language and many other aspects are included in the studies. Personality development and social development are an important part of the studies.

Understanding and treating young children who are in a preverbal stage takes special patience and evaluation. It is because communication is difficult. The child in that age group does not have an adequately large vocabulary with which to share information.

If child abuse is suspected or reported, art therapy is sometimes effective. Dolls have been used to display actions. Circumventing the language barrier is difficult but, not impossible. The art therapy and play with anatomically correct dolls are good avenues to obtaining the truth about the abuse.

A school system will hire one or more school psychologists to work with the students. This includes those in elementary school through high school years. There is not always enough time to work with each child individually as much as necessary.

The educational psychologist is also focused on that age group. He or she will concentrate attention on the process of learning. If developmentally delayed children have special educational needs, they will be suggested. Gifted and talented children also require special attention in the form of advanced classes.

Some of the psychologists work with those children who are in need of help to be able to pursue education in the classroom. Some students have suffered trauma or abuse that interferes with their functioning in school. All receive evaluation and placement in the best possible classroom that will promote their success as a student.

There are a great many tests available to aid in these assessments. If a student has any kind of issue, it can be treated in the most efficient way with a good evaluation. The psychologist administering the tests must make sure the student understands how to answer questions on each test.

The childrens psychologist earns a doctorate to enable him or her to practice. In addition, there are two clinical internship years and state and national testing to be passed. Then a license to practice is issued.

The Ph. D. Level psychologist will find many job opportunities. Mental health clinics, hospitals, school systems and court systems employ them. They fill the responsibilities of giving tests, diagnosing mental conditions and counseling as needed.

Research is another important facet of the profession. The process of how one learns is studied. Development of imagination and how it affects learning is studied. An ability to distinguish reality from imaginary situations is found to be necessary. Through imaginative play, children learn the difference between the two.

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