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By Sharron Cantu

In some cases, one may get the impression that the heart is located on the left side of the body. You have to go for surgery of the heart aorta is blocked and needs to be cleared or bypassed. The aorta is the main artery of the heart and it is as big as a garden hose and pumps all blood into the heart and out the heart to the rest of the body, cardiac care Europe does those type of operations every day.

After many years of research Dr. Christiaan Barnard whom was the very first doctor to successfully complete an open heart surgery. In the year 1967 the South African doctor completed what was known the first heart surgery. Even though you learn that the very first surgery only kept the patient alive for eighteen days.

Dr. Barnard knew that he had to do more research to perfect such a big operation. With the second surgery Dr. Barnard managed to deliver yet another successful surgery, but this time the patient lived for a year and five months after the surgery. This opened so many doors for each and every doctor that would be in the profession to care of the main command center of the human body.

That is if the person is a healthy adult and with a small blockage it can cause endless problems even as bad as death upon the human existence. Many cases they manage to treat the problem before it leads to operations and transplants and so on. A heart care unit deals with such cases everyday throughout the year.

After such a delicate operation the patient needs to be in the intensive care unit of the hospital. For the first few hours, two days at the most the patient is kept in a sit up position to prevent the human lungs from collapsing. The patient will not be able to breathe on their own for the first twenty four hours and therefor there are machines attached to their body to breath for them.

What many people don't know is that even if you're a healthy person and follow every rule in the book that you can still have heart disorders or heart attacks if it is something that is common in your family. Just like cancer it is not something that can be infected when touching someone. It is a decease that each and every person has but if it is strong in your family bloodline some time or another.

The gene will activate and in other cases it might not even react and other cases maybe skip a generation. It does not mean if your family is known to have heart problems that you will. It simply means that there is a more likely chance that you will be able to develop problems and should be aware of your family's medical history and the symptoms that might lead to illnesses.

As many people have told you, you need to live every day as if it is your last because you never know when it might end. Never be afraid to have your body and health checked regularly you might just prevent something serious from happening. You need to be thankful for all those doctors and nurses out there all over in the world that live to help others.

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