The Simple Truth About Audiology

By Rosella Campbell

The human anatomy is made up of so many parts that have unique functions. All of these organs are very important to system functions. One of such organs is the human ear, which is of utmost essence for the accomplishment of very important tasks whether at home, in school, or at work.

The ears are the auditory main organs. Even before man is born, these organs have already developed. He can already hear the world outside the womb. As man grows, he also relies heavily upon listening. These organs never sleep even when one already does, which is why strange noises wake you up in the middle of the night. These keep you safe, by hearing signs of danger even before your eyes perceive it. They also assist in your sense of balance. They are so reliable that one really cannot afford to lose his or her sense of audition, hence, one should visit Maryland audiology at the earliest sign of an impending problem.

Audiology comes from two different words of different origins. It is a combination of the Latin word audire and Greek logia which pertains to that particular branch of science that studies hearing and balance and other related ear disorders. The practitioners of this branch of scientific knowledge are known as audiologists.

The public often think that an audiologist is similar to an otolaryngologist or ENT, because they both deal with the ears. This is a common misconception that needs to be corrected. The ENT is the doctor that handles the medical side of hearing. If you are experiencing auditory problems that can be cured by medicine and other medical methods, the doctor to see is an ENT. A perforated eardrum or a tumor growth in the ear is remedied by this ear doctor.

The audiologist is tasked to manage the non medical side of auditory trouble. Hearing problems that are caused about by old age cannot be reversed, only improved. This is the expertise of this kind of auditory doctor. He is the one who provides you with the perfect assistive listening device that fits your needs.

Most are also confused about seeing an ENT or an audiologist pertaining a particular ear problem. One good sign to see an audiologist is when you start having hearing difficulties especially when conversing over the phone. Having difficulties hearing a person clearly is also a sign. If you often ask people to repeat statements or to raise their voices up a notch also makes you eligible for an audiology visit.

Another sign of hearing impairment is the inability to tune out sounds that flood the environment. If you cannot follow conversations when people all started speaking at once, then you should consider having your ears checked. Inability to distinguish origins of sounds is also a reason.

Those who have been given ototoxic medications should also go and see the doctor. These medications are usually used in the cure of advanced ailments. They can induce listening problems which needs close monitoring.

A history of an inner ear disease is a good reason for audio monitoring as well. You should go visit an audiologist if you have experienced one. Early detection can still save your ears, so there is no reason to fear going to your ear doctor.

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