The Most Effective Natural Sports Drink

By Adam McBenza

For a long time, popular energy sports beverages such as Gatorade and Powerade have been part of our society; used by many athletes, these drinks have actually ended up being the very best drinks that hydrate our bodies after laborious physical activities. And using them is extremely essential, thinking about the truth that the human body needs to stay hydrated in order to operate to its optimal efficiency; specifically for fitness fans, wherein their physiques demand a constant supply of electrolytes.

But here's a catch! These very good sports drink are not enough if you consider the healthy side of drinking them. Well...don't get it wrong, they still work, but since they are lab made, they won't provide maximum efficacy once you drink them. Fortunately, we have some king of sports drink found in nature. And guess what it is?

Coconut juice.



Now, what separates this coconut juice from other sports drinks is the idea from Dr. Marian Neuhouser, that is, coconut juice contains these nutrients still on their natural states, surrounded by different minerals. And this consequently will help your body function at its peak.

However! There is a problem: when we sweat a lot during exercise, our bodies lose a lot of sodium, which is a mineral not found in coconut juice. So how do we solve that problem? It's simple.

However there's a concern, when we sweat a lot during workouts, the body loses a great amount of sodium; which is the electrolyte that coconut juice does not contain much. So does it imply it's not a good sports beverage for athletes? Never! Like problems, there's a solution. And Fitness specialist Chad Waterbury gives us a small tip:

Just include a pinch of salt to each 16 ounce bottle, and you're good to go. Easy, right?

Just include a pinch of salt to each 16 ounce bottle, and you'll be fine! Pretty easy, right?

Here are our final words...

Fresh coconut water beats lab-made sports beverages, and whether you consume it from fresh coconut or Taste Nirvana bottle, constantly add a pinch of salt to each 16 ounce bottle to compensate for the sodium. You can utilize this amazing beverage before and/or after exercising when you sweat a lot.

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