Finding The Best Child Abuse Speakers

By Rosella Campbell

There can be no crime more despicable than abusing children. Too many parents find the responsibility of caring for an infant, toddler or teenager more than they can handle and strike out at their children in horrific ways. Often these parents were victims of abusive parents when they were growing up and have no other tools available to them for the task at hand. This lack of knowledge is not an adequate excuse for the pain they inflict on innocents. The children who survive and are able to rise above their situation are very often the best child abuse speakers.

The children of violent abusers have a history of enduring some of the most horrible treatment imaginable for most of their lives. Many run away from the abusers and others find emotional coping mechanisms that help them to survive until they are adults. The abuses they suffer may include beatings, starvation, emotional and sexual mistreatment from those who should be protecting and caring for them.

For many years authorities felt that what happened inside a mans home was his business and as a result abuses visited on children and spouses were not reported. Today this unspoken rule can be found in homes of abusers. The children do not speak of the danger they are in because it may bring even harsher punishment if discovered. This danger may come from biological parents, step-parents, siblings or even the foster homes designed to keep them safe.

Some victims shut the experience in the back of their minds and never deal with it. Others continue the cycle of violence and are abusive to their own families. Some victims use their life experiences as a blue print for others to follow into recovery from the effects caused by being abused as children. They have found understanding and desire to pass that knowledge along to others who have been in the same situation in their lives.

By speaking of trauma as well as the successes they have experienced in their lives they hope to motivate those in their audience to follow their path to recovery. Their goal is inspiring others and showing them that they do not need to continue suffering the left over effects of childhood.

These individuals have learned to turn tragedy into success by working on the strengths and self reliance they taught themselves as children. With these skills they have become more literate and have developed a program designed to support others while they create a life that makes a difference to themselves and their community.

The presenters of these programs are not limited to public audiences but also make it a point to speak at seminars and conferences attended by police and social services personnel. Their goal is to help authorities to identify situations where children are in jeopardy of being harmed. They provide insights into the behaviors that may imply that abuses are taking place in the home.

The primary goal for all of the agencies and advocates is to prevent children from being abused by people who should be caring for them. They feel that by shining a light on this problem they are helping to stop the cycle of family violence that can continue in a family from generation to generation until it is broken.

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