Options One Has For Vein Treatment In Orange County

By Lila Bryant

There are two main conditions that affect human veins particularly in the lower extremity. The two conditions are spider and varicose veins. Improved technology has increased the options for vein treatment in Orange County giving patients in the area a broad spectrum of choices. Spider and varicose veins may be colored blue or red and may appear swollen. They frequently form on thighs, calves, and backs. In pregnant ladies however, they at times form on the buttocks and around private parts.

According to research, the main cause for this condition is damaged valves in the vein. As blood is pumped from the heart into the legs, it needs valves to keep it from going back due to gravitational pull. If the valves are damaged and can no longer function, the blood falls back and cannot be pushed back into the heart. This increases pressure on the veins causing them to swell and bulge.

Injuries, prolonged exposure to sunshine, and hormonal changes are also common causes. Standing or sitting for long periods of time may also cause this disorder in some individuals. People from both genders are affected especially those at the age of 50 and beyond. A slightly larger number of ladies get affected than men.

In Orange County, residents apply several methods to avoid and treat this condition. Some of those methods are home-based and if done correctly can eliminate the problem completely. Home-based methods mostly target lifestyle. Some of the necessary lifestyle changes one is needed to do include avoiding tight clothes, losing weight, avoiding high-heeled shoes, and doing some physical exercise. All this activities enhance movement of blood from legs and other parts of the body into the heart.

Besides lifestyle adjustments, there are many medical options that can be used. Major methods include endovenous ablation therapy, sclerotherapy, vein stripping and ligation, microsclerotherapy, laser surgery, ambulatory phlebectomy, and endoscopic vein surgery. Sclerotherapy method is non-invasive and involves injecting a chemical into the swollen area. The liquid makes the veins to scar, causing them to die and fade off afterwards. The liquid needs to be administered at 4 to 6-week intervals.

Application of chemical products and skin cutting are not entailed in laser surgery. The surgery involves directing a laser beam at the swollen region to destroy the affected blood vessels. The tissues die and fade away. Endovenous ablation therapy closes swollen veins by applying radio waves or laser rays. The surgeon cuts small openings around the vessels for inserting a catheter. The patient does not need to be drugged instead, only the area under operation is numbed.

Most of the methods discussed above are used on minor cases. Vein stripping and ligation is the one used on severe cases. This method involves removing affected blood vessels by making small cuts into the skin. The patient is drugged to sleep during the process. It takes up to four weeks for one to fully heal.

In most circumstances, patients return home after they receive treatment. Admission of patients only happens in extreme cases like when the patient cannot walk. The cost charged by the doctor will rely on the seriousness of the condition.

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