Helpful Treatments Can Be Received At A Tampa Pain Management Clinic

By Rachael Gutierrez

Numerous individuals suffer from chronic pain. Some doctors recommend that patients seek treatment at a reliable Tampa pain management clinic when the long-term management of painful symptoms is required. The approach taken concerning one's therapy is dependent upon numerous factors, such as the person's age and general health, as well as the underlying cause of his or her symptoms.

There are numerous reasons a person may suffer from chronic pain. These include Crohn's disease, tendinitis, bursitis, lupus, arthritis, back injuries, headaches, shingles, degenerative disc disease, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Other individuals may be afflicted with catastrophic diseases that are associated with such symptoms, including certain types of cancer. In many instances, doctors refer patients to the aforementioned facilities when all other approaches to treatment have been exhausted and satisfactory results have not been achieved.

As mentioned earlier, the therapies recommended at facilities of this type will depend on why one is experiencing certain symptoms. In numerous instances, clients are treated with more than one type of therapy. Establishments of this kind also provide services to patients whose pain is idiopathic, which is a term used to describe conditions for which no underlying cause can be found.

Therapies at medical facilities of this kind usually include transcutaneous electrical stimulation, physical therapy, and nerve blocks. In some instances, drugs are prescribed as well. However, the objective of effective pain management often centers around discovering an alternative to the continuous use of medication, especially if the latter are narcotics or other drugs a person may be tempted to abuse. In certain cases, such clinics will also perform diagnostic tests in an attempt to find the origins of one's symptoms.

The aforementioned nerve block is one of the most popular treatments for chronic painful conditions. One frequently used variation of this is called an intercostal nerve block. The procedure involves the injection of local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs between the ribs. It is often the first course of action for those suffering from the painful effects of herpes zoster, otherwise known as shingles.

Nucleoplasty is another treatment frequently offered by such facilities. It is completed by inserting a transmitter catheter into the nucleus of a person's disc. Multiple discs can be treated at the same time. The procedure involves the transmission of radio waves into the aforementioned nucleus in order to reduce swelling and alleviate pressure from nerve roots. It is considered minimally invasive.

Intrathecal drug delivery procedures are also frequently recommended for pain clinic patients. These also involve the insertion of a catheter, but such procedures, as their name indicates, involve the intrathecal spaces. Numerous drugs can be efficiently delivered in this manner, and it typically takes less medication to treat a patient when this approach is used then it would if conventional administration methods were utilized, such as giving the individual drugs in pill form.

Another type of treatment that is virtually always provided at any Tampa pain management clinic is physical therapy. Such treatments help to enhance the strength of one's muscles and increase his or her range of motion. In some instances, such therapies eliminate the need for drugs, depending on the patient's individual circumstances. Ultimately, anyone afflicted with chronic pain should speak to his or her family physician about the option of visiting one of the aforementioned clinics.

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