Why Charitable Giving Is Important To Businesses

By Sebastian Troup

When you donate some money or some time to a local charity, such as food bank or homeless shelter, this is a great way to give back to your community and set an example of charity for others to follow. An individual donating time or money has a positive effect, but it is still a limited effect as one person can only do so much.

But when hundreds or thousands of people get together and coordinate their giving, as occurs during a well-executed corporate giving campaign, tremendous and lasting good can be done for the community. This effect is further enhanced as the CSR program continues over months or years. Beyond the profit to the community, however, charitable giving provides important benefits to the business itself as well, both internally and externally.

Once you have set up a social responsibility program within your company and begin taking part in or organizing fund-raising events, you will quickly see a positive effect. Charities rely on the help of media professionals and social media to help spread the word about their programs and big events. Because you are supporting the charity, your company will be mentioned in all of these press releases, social media bursts and also in media coverage of events. This immediately creates a good impression within the community.

While it has been said that there is no such thing as bad publicity, this is simply not true at all. A company with a positive brand image is much more likely to gain clients and customers that one with a poor image. After all, wouldn't you rather purchase products from a company that makes a concerted effort to improve the community or to help others? It just makes sense that a positive image attracts customers.

Not only do CSR programs help those in need to help make improvements to a community and provide some fantastic P.R., they also improve your company internally. These types of programs boost the morale of employees and increase engagement and productivity. They also have been shown to increase ethical behavior and certainly encourage workers to take more pride in their daily work.

When you get everyone in the company involved in the CSR plan, the level of teamwork within the company also increases. People are more positive about working together for daily assignments and tasks when they have all worked together in a positive way to help others in the community. The benefits are even greater when managers and executives work alongside all other employees doing charity work. This type of positive interaction will have a definite effect back in the workplace.

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