Make An Appointment To Discover How Chiropractic Helps Spinal Pain In Peabody, MA

By Angeleah Mae Zerna

Talking with a prominent Peabody chiropractor can provide information to help you understand why your back hurts. A major reason is that one of the spinal discs has herniated or ruptured. Your backbone is composed of a series of vertebrae, small bones, which contain the delicate spinal cord. Discs filled with a solution lie between these bones to cushion them. If one of them becomes misaligned, it can impact a nerve.

Pressure may cause serious pain. The vertebrae serve to protect the spinal cord running through them. Soft discs lie between the bones to keep them from rubbing. If one of the bones is out of place, it can impact one of the nerves causing pain.

Scoliosis may be to blame. It can be a barely noticeable condition or one that causes abnormal curvature of the spine. In a severe case, significant pain will result. Some other sources of pain are an infection, arthritis, a fracture or an accident. Lifting and bending can strain a muscle or tendon.

Another cause is scoliosis of your spinal column. This is an abnormal curvature that can be minimal, but in severe cases cause significant pain. Other causes include infection, a fracture or inflammatory arthritis. Lifting, bending or an automobile accident can be additional causes for back pain.

Your first meeting with a chiropractor will be spent asking and answering questions to determine when the pain started and how severe it is. Your back will be examined physically in hopes of locating exactly where the pain is. An x-ray may be necessary for pinpointing the exact source.

After your Peabody chiropractor locates the part of your back that hurts, a plan can be made to deal with that pain. There are gentle manual manipulations that are often utilized with good results. Each individual progresses at a different pace. You may experience pain relief after a few sessions or it may take longer. In addition to manipulations, mild exercises may be suggested. Ultimately you may be resuming work and other normal activities you once loved.

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