How To Attract Women Through Other Women

By Lawrence S. Layton

One of the best things you can do to attract women is to go out at night with a couple of your girl friends. If you are ever in the situation where a couple of your girl friends are going out but none of the boys are keen, I would definitely recommend going out with just the girls. Don't even think about it, just ask for the meeting time and place. You will honestly be blown away at just how much attention you will get from other women.This happened to me last Friday night. I have two really good girl friends who I have known for years who are also good friends with my mates. We often all hang out together but on this particular night, all the boys were busy. One of my mates was away for the weekend at a concert, another was sick, another had work etc etc. I was keen to go out after a long week so I called up the girls to see if they had any plans. It turned out that Jess and Rachael had planned pre-drinks at Rachael's house and they were going out afterwards. They asked if I wanted to join them. I was really keen to get out of the house on a Friday night so I went round to Rachael's house with a 6 pack of beers.

The night started out really good. It was one of those nights where everyone was in a good mood and had a lot to talk about. We played a few drinking games and the conversations got more and more juicy as the night progressed. Around 10 we were all quite tipsy, especially the girls, and we decided to call a cab to take us to the clubs.Inside the club we all get drinks and find a couch. The girls sit either side of me and we continue our random chit chat for a while. After a couple more drinks a song comes on that is clearly a hit with the girls as they pull me from the couch almost yanking my arm out of its socket.

Another easy way to date women abroad that you can consider is taking a vacation. Interested in meeting a girl who lives in another country? Then arrange to visit that country for a month. While you're there, you can learn about the local culture and meet as many people as you can.

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Know when to approach - Whether at a club, party, shopping market or library, it's always good to know that a girl is interested before approaching. Physical attraction means everything when meeting girls for the first time, so try to make eye contact with the girl first. If she makes eye contact with you, smiles or seems otherwise interested, then it is likely that you can make an approach.It's up to you to get over there and make her interested in you!Smile, a simple smile can make your situation and hers far more comfortable. If you don't smile then you come off as unhappy and possibly negative.

Be funny - I can't stress how important this step is in starting or maintaining any relationship with a lady. Girls love to laugh and feel good about themselves, and the guy they are with, so mastering this art will greatly enhance your chances of keeping a girl's attention. Whether it's a corny joke, light sarcasm or simply an "at ease" style of conversation you develop, being funny is something worth practicing.Be casual - Although this can mean many things, ultimately it is how "smooth" you are in your look, your attitude and how you turn on conversational queues. Unforced conversation and body language shows that you have a casual attitude and also helps keep you relaxed. Forcing anything at this point can blow up an otherwise great opportunity with a lady!Be interested in her, not you - Assuming you've chosen to pursue a lady you are genuinely interested in, make sure to keep conversation about yourself to a minimum unless it involves a funny anecdote or a quick point you think might be interesting to her. Avoid telling the girl your entire philosophy on life within the first ten minutes of meeting her!Pay attention - On the heels of my last point, pay attention to the things she is saying about herself. This give you less chances of making mistakes and gives you information about her that you can use to relate to her. However, don't make the mistake of seeming like you are quizzing her as some ladies consider that a bit creepy!

One - Power. Show power. In everything you do. You are not a weak guy that will write stupid and boring statuses about how boring his job is and how unsatisfied you are. Don't whine, ever. Guys that whine are not powerful, and therefore not attractive. Your Facebook profile is like a menu - a hot girl can choose between a ton of different meals, why would she choose you? Think about it. Create value in your life, do something with yourself that will make you grow as a person. Build up some value and from then on everything will be easier. Since you will be worth more, you won't have a need to run after women and TRY to prove them how much you are worth. They'll feel it.Two - Social Proof. Yes, the more women are running after you, the more attractive you will appear on Facebook. So - get some traffic. You need to get some hot women liking your stuff, commenting on your stuff positively, writing something on your wall - and make you appear desired, wanted. Women often behave towards you how they believe other women behave towards you. So, if you create some "traffic" on your profile, you'll get a lot more women interested than if your profile looks dead. You have to be in demand.

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