CNA Practice Tests And How To Prepare For The CNA Test

By Michael D. Jennings

A Certified Nursing Assistant is one of the most sought after professions of today. Because the United States "Baby Boomer" generation and their progression into assisted living homes and or retirement homes, CNAs are becoming even more important in the medical world. Because of such a need, a CNA's job security is very strong and the prospects for higher pay and more benefits seem even better. So how does one become a CNA? What kinds of resources are out there that can help you become a CNA?

The path to becoming a CNA has many steps. Because a CNA is so important to the medical world, they must be trained right in handling patients, their needs and the needs of the medical team. So, your first step is to enter into a CNA course. This course can either be online or through an accredited college. After you have enrolled you will take two primary courses that will help you to gain the necessary knowledge to become a CNA.

After passing the CNA course, you will then need to take the CNA test. This test consists of two parts: a critical skills portion and a written portion. The written portion of the test consists or 75 multiple choice questions that cover a broad range of subjects. If you prepare well, this part should be very straight forward.

After you have taken the written portion, then you will need to take the critical skills assessment. This portion of the test will be administered by a certified tester that has a level of at least a CNA. That person will evaluate you based on your appropriate responses to situation and how you perform the tasks given.

Although the CNA has two portions, you have to pass them both. You cannot just excel in one and hope that you did well enough to help you pass overall. You need to spend adequate amount of time in both and ensure you are prepared for both. The best thing you can do to help you prepare for the exam is to purchase a CNA practice test and or a study guide.

After passing a CNA test, you must now go to your respective state and register with that state. Ensure to provide you CNA score and certification of completion of the CNA course.

If you are serious about becoming a CNA, then you should purchase a CNA practice test or a CNA Study guide. If you look at the best Study Guides on Amazon, you will find that they usually include a CNA practice test with them. I recommend "The Best CNA Study Guide: Practice Test and More." It has the most in depth practice test and was written by one of the best in the industry.

If you become a CNA, then you have a bright future. There is a growing need for your profession and your every day work will have a profound affect on hundreds of people. Because your job is so important, it will require you to work hard so as to accomplish much. Make sure you take the advice that was written above, and put forth good effort. I wish you luck.

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