Blood Pressure Medication Brought Into Question.

By Mercy Tolve

Other cases are not so simple to resolve, and the doctor may prescribe a high blood pressure medication. The particular medication will depend on other key factors, such as the severity of your high blood pressure condition. It would also depend on any other existing medical conditions.

There a huge number of drugs available that are used as common blood pressure medications (Antihypertensives). Each of the different medication has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Below are the association guidelines for common blood pressure medications to be used. Bear in mind that the actual drug that your doctor prescribed might be different due to the complexity of individual situations.

While most people treated for blood pressure don't need other medications for another medical condition, some do. When taking more than one blood pressure medication, it's important to make sure those medications would not conflict with one another other. Also, let your doctor know what other medications you are taking before he prescribes a particular one for you. If you have high blood pressure and have no other ailments, the doctor will more than likely prescribe a blood pressure medication such as thiazide-type diuretics. This medication suits those without other medical problems.

However in more recent years along with cholesterol reducing medication (statins) blood pressure medication and its effectiveness is actually being brought into question. Now I would never suggest you ditch your beta blockers or your ace inhibitors and alike but it's an interesting discussion, one which I will have with you today, read on to find out more.

Diuretic could be the only common blood medication that you need to take. However, under certain conditions, your doctor might recommend taking another medication. Complement your medication together with a healthy lifestyle in order to effectively control your high blood pressure.

Calcium channel blockers help people suffering from angina. Similarly, alpha-blockers improve blood levels of certain fats. For those suffering from other medical conditions, such as diabetes or congestive heart failure or angina, the doctor will most likely prescribe a beta-blocker. Doctors will also consider the age of the patient. Often, medications in seniors react differently than in younger and more healthy patients.

Angiotensin II receptor blockers: Enlarges blood vessels by preventing a hormone called Angiotensin from affecting vessels.Beta blockers: Lowers blood pressure by lowering the total amount of nerve signals going from the heart to the blood vessels.

Complementing one of the medications from the above list with Diuretic might be helpful in lowering your blood pressure at a faster rate. Thus, probability of developing complications from high blood pressure is lowered.

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