Affordable Atwood KS Back Stretcher Helps Eliminate Low Back Pain

By Katy Parfait

A human spine is very complex. It provides flexibility to the body while also protecting the spinal cord from injury. Hundreds of nerves enter and exit the spine to transmit messages between the brain and the rest of the body. Injuries to the discs cause them to be compressed and pinch the nerves, resulting in pain. Use of an Atwood KS back stretcher is a noninvasive method of providing relief.

The spinal column is under stress on a continuing basis. Much of the stress is positive. Moving one's spine compresses and relaxes discs to force nutrients into the disc and eliminate waste. The fluid results in hydration to keep the disc flexible. However, repetitive stress can cause injury. In addition, remaining in the same position for an extended time, results in a lack of fluid movement and dehydration of discs.

As discs dehydrate, the chance of injury increases. The outer layer may split to cause a herniated disc. The soft inner layer of the disc leaks outside its normal structure, presses on nerves and causes pain.

Gently stretching one's spine ensures the discs retain their more normal shape. Stretches draw fluids and nutrients into injured discs so they heal. Hydrated discs are less likely to split and provide the necessary support for the body.

The unit attaches to the feet and presses under the arms. To stretch, users pull the handles. They remain in control of the therapy throughout the entire session. The ergonomic device is easy to use and brings results.

An Atwood KS back stretcher has helped many people stop their lumbar pain. The device offers a noninvasive method of stretching the spinal column and vertebrae so natural healing occurs. As the spine returns to a more normal shape, compressed nerves heal and pain is eliminated and individuals are ready to return to a more normal lifestyle.

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